Wake up the Sleeping Beauty with IAMMAI fashion, the Divine Feminine in form

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Welcome to Holistic Fashion Frequency of the Golden Age.  
IAMMAI is the wellbeing fashion miracle. IAMMAI initiates feminine, joyful and sustainable fashion era designed in oneness with nature, heaven and earth, spirit in matter.   
Mai Niemi Finnish Fairytale is the brand name for modern folk costume for individual fashion expression. It is liberating fashion that gets you off the box: one size, all age, all season, all event timeless garments and accessories that can be combined creatively as a sustainable continuing story. 
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I AM made for Bliss


by Mai Niemi


The time brought the new form,

water found a fresh flowing

to the people of the wind,

to the ladies of the lakes

to dress the folk of the forests,

To adorn the fairies of the nature.


Lively and feminine, to function anywhere,

on any form of goddess or queen,

and wellbeing of the beloved body.

What a magic garment:

loosens off the box,

frees to the flowing,

gives Goddess´s power

to the women of of Kalevala,

to the daughters of Gaia.


So knitted, so crocheted, wove in the arts

worked in fengshui harmony

and the ancient wisdom,

to one size gathered the large and the small,

the tall and the tiny.


Knitted now is Kalevala,

woven the great tale,

Changed the old patterns,

opened the tightened knots

To begin the new day,

to start the new morning,

so that the the roots and the myths

of the Grail and great nation

would not be forgotten

nor the skill of Sampo forging.