Mai Niemi Fashion Fairytale Winter 2013

Mai Niemi Fashion Fairytale Nomad Luxury Winter 2013 collection on Finnish Catwalk the 27th January. 
Also photos of Mai Niemi Nice Expo fashion show, October 2012, Helsinki
Photos: Leena Aro and Drol2photo, Marja Putaansuu

My  idea is to unite the worlds, east and west, practicality and fantasy in a locally global way so it is easy to relate and catch the story anywhere in the world.

These pieces can be styled and combined creatively just anyway.

Knitwear, accessories, organic jewlery by Mai Niemi

Available Mia Niemi Fashion Fairytale Shop, Etelä Esplanadi 4, Helsinki

Mai Niemi Design House
Kauniainen, Finland
+358 44 595 7476