Fashion inspired by Kalevala

Ainikki pelerine photo Drol2photo styled by Mai Niemi

Amazon blanket photo Mai Niemi

Dervish cape, Sun collar, Sampo pendant, Treasure bracelet, Evatar hair decoration photo: Drol2 photo

Luonnotar Flower tiara and Good spirit Rose photo: Mai Niemi

Four winds cape Photo: Ossi Gustaffson Styled by Heidi Urpalainen

Kveeni pirta, Ainikki pelerine photo: Mai Niemi

The Bride of Pohjola photo: Drol2photo styled by Jonna Luostari

Romance lace poncho, Compass pendant and bracelet, Kveeni fingerless gloves photo: Drol2photo styled by Jonna Luostari

Compass cape and Luonnotar flower tiara, City Shaman garland photo: Mai Niemi

Wizard blanket, Sampo collar, City Shaman garland, Sampo pendant photo: Drol2photo styled by Jonna Luostari

White Nights poncho, Sunflower collar, Sampo good luck brouch, Kveeni pirta photo: Leena Aro styled by Jonna Luostari

Dervish poncho, Compass pendant, Kveeni pirta, Evatar hair bobble photo: Leena Aro Styled by Jonna Luostari

Butterfly multiponcho photo Mai Niemi

Louhikäärme armour, Fairy crown and bracelet

Luonnotar collar photo Mai Niemi

Wellamo multicloak, The Water deity photo Mai Niemi

Ainikki pelerine photo: Mai Niemi

Sotkatar scarf

Aallotar multicloack photo: Mai Niemi

Aino apron, Sotratar srsrves, Sampo collar Photo: Ossi Gustaffson Styling: Heidi Urpalainen

Butterfly multiponcho

Pohjolan Häät The Wedding at Pohjola

Aurinkokaulus/Sun collar photo Mai Niemi

Rose Fairy Aino apron, Tellero multiponcho

Aallotar multiponcho photo: drol2photo

Snow Maiden

Forest Maiden

City Nomad look

Winter Wonderland of Finland

Tellervo the Forest maiden

Fairy Maiden

Finnish Fairytale is a knitted Kalevala inspired by the national epic of the Finns.
It is wearable art with Kalevala wisdom and beauty inwoven.

Kalevala inspired paintings by Akseli Gallen-Kallela and R.W. Ekman